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Theory Anna Duritskaya Was A Decoy For Murder Of Boris Nemtsov

Your perceptive observations that virtually PROVES you are right and that Anna Duritskaya was a “decoy” and definitely knows who actually killed her boyfriend.

Below you correctly mention it was extremely strange that they should meet for dinner at 11 pm, and then after dinner, walk home well over half a mile in the bitter cold to his apartment when he plainly would have preferred to take a cab, and that it must have been Anna who insisted she would rather walk, thus creating the perfect opportunity to assassinate him.

I have long known in court cases it is often quite simple for a good barrister to catch out people lying when family members are involved, especially if two members of the same family are testifying. Now we’ve got Boris Nemtsov’s girlfriend, Anna Duritskaya and her mother Inna Duritskaya BOTH testifying to the media, with stories that don’t add up!

When Inna Duritskaya was interviewed here: http://www.ibtimes.com/who-anna-duritskaya-boris-nemtsov-girlfriend-questioned-after-russian-opposition-1832678  she said, “she spoke to her daughter on the phone MOMENTS BEFORE Nemtsov’s death.”

Yet here, http://www.cnn.com/2015/03/03/europe/russia-nemtsov-girlfriend-duritskaya/ her daughter Anna Duritskaya makes a point to say that she suggested getting a taxi (???????), but Nemtsov didn’t want to, preferring to walk, and that she called her mother immediately  AFTER Boris Nemtsov was shot.

Then in this report, http://www.sott.net/article/293301-Nemtsov-murder-witness-Anna-Duritskaya-tells-mom-he-insisted-on-walking-to-apartment Anna’s mother Inna Duritskaya actually talks to CNN, saying her daughter told her she arrived separately and waited for Boris in the restaurant. She told her mother that Boris INSISTED ON WALKING BY FOOT to his apartment. Question: Why should Boris “INSIST” to walk on foot through the freezing temperature back to the apartment if she had asked him to take a taxi as she suggests?

Clearly Anna Duritskaya is lying. Clearly it was she who phoned Boris to meet her for dinner at the restaurant, and it also was SHE who INSISTED that they walk back together to his apartment together, so that he could be assassinated

Anna Duritskaya KNOWS who murdered her partner because she was the decoy to have him killed. The Russians have interviewed and cross examined her for three days before letting her go back to Kiev. They will have all her phone and email records, financial records about her by now and they probably know or are at least close to knowing who killed her. If anything, it will be her phone that lets her down, as young people like her may know not to use it in such circumstances, but the temptation is irresistible, therefore it will be her downfall

Both Boris’s and her own telephone records will be easily available and it will be easy for Russian authorities to verify exactly who made the booking at the restaurant, who telephoned to make the appointment and so on.



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