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   Correspondence to Leuren Moret

Fukushima and Diet

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On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 2:36 PM, katherine wrote:

Hi Leuren,

My name is Katherine and I'm from Australia - I recently watched - or rather listened to- your interview on Youtube regarding the nuclear contamination of the pacific by the leaking Fukushima plant. What an alarming situation this is ; we have in no way been informed about this happening here in Australia, and despite being somewhat more at a distance from what is happening, we still have the Pacific at our doorstep, and we do still consume tuna, salmon and other seafood and fish products from Canada.

I am emailing you then with concern that if we are ingesting eg. canned tuna, salmon, fish oil capsules from Canada, are we potentially and unknowingly ingesting nuclear radiation? I have a four month old who is currently being breastfed, so am particularly aware that anything I am ingesting, he also is. Despite a particular brand of fish oil capsules stating that the mackerel, sardines and anchovies they are using are "independently lab tested for heavy metals", I am yet to be convinced that this is the case, especially after listening to you speak about the wide spread evidence that fish life are suffering in major ways. In your expert opinion, is it possible that any such fish (these were from the South Pacific, Canada) could not be contaminated at this stage? 

Any information you are able to provide would be very much appreciated  - no one seems to know anything here about what is going on!

Kind Regards,



Leuren Moret

Dec 11 (6 days ago)

Hello Katherine - It's very good that you are asking since you are breastfeeding and have a very small young baby to think of now.  The unborn and babies are the most susceptible to ionizing radiation exposure.


Since March 11, 2011, fish all over the northern Pacific and in fact, all over the world are being monitored by various governments and international institutions such as the WHO and UN, but the data is rarely made public.  However, enough has been released or leaked out - and data gathered during nuclear bomb testing by the US military and govt, UN, and other agencies - all is solid and irrefutable proof that it is no longer safe or advisable to eat anything out of the Pacific Ocean.  Kelp and filter feeders (sea urchins, clams, abalone, limpets, oysters, mussels etc etc. bioconcentrate radionuclides by hundreds of thousands of times compared to rad levels in the water they live in.  Fresh water fish and other forms of edible food have higher concentrations of rad in them than salt water fish because the rad is more diluted in oceans and salt chemistry than bodies of fresh water.  So it is well established now that not only is the Pacific ocean an unsafe food source, but analyses all over the world indicates that the Fuku rad has been globally distributed including to the polar regions.  Since rad releases have continued daily from Fuku 2 1/2 years ago, the global population and biosphere have been daily contaminated with fresh fission products from Japan - a very deadly form of exposure, in fact more damaging to a population than a one time acute event like a nuclear bomb release.

The peer reviewed published data from scientists all over the world since Hiroshima and Nagasaki from all nuclear technologies has indicated: 

1. a 50% decline in the N. Atlantic Ocean fishing catch by 1963, a 65% decline in N. Pacific fishing catch, and an overall decline in fishing catch which can be calculated very accurately by using the total number of kilotons of nuke bomb tests conducted globally every year - there is a direct measurable dose-response to rad exposure in living populations.  Within a few years of the Partial Test Ban Treaty in 1963, the Atlantic fishing not only completely recovered but over-recovered by another 50% which is typical in populations recovering from stressors.  Eventually the recovery settled down, and fish populations in the N. Atlantic returned to their pre bomb-test numbers.  Because bomb testing continued after 1963 by a few countries, the N. Pacific Ocean never recovered because of further nuke tests, and because of nuclear power fission products dumped into the Pacific that simply replaced the nuke bomb test pollution.

2. a 12% decline in SAT scores in newborns by 1963, which never recovered and is the cause of an overall decline in academic performance in the US.  The damage to American children's cognitive abilities is permanent and has caused an overall decline of American children which has resulted over the past 20-30 years of science in the US being taken over by Asians.  American students simply cannot "do the math" like they used to, and has reduced overall the great productivity of the US in the past.    

3. With the introduction of the "nuclear age" in 1945, a cascade of chronic illnesses and long lingering diseases has destroyed the overall health of the Americans.  Unexplained increases in chronic illnesses like diabetes, Hodkins/Parkinsons/Lou Gehrig's diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, cardiac and brain diseases, artherioslerosis, Alzheimers, etc etc, and reproductive problems such as reproductive cancers, low birthweight babies, conjoined twins, endometriosis, dwarfing, premature aging, hermaphrodites (intersex), homosexuality, etc etc. are due to nuclear pollution - which in one year is distributed globally from a particular release.     

We know from bomb testing research and rad levels measured all over the world, that bomb tests by 1963 resulted in an overall increase globally of pathway cancers - lungs, esophagus, pancreas, kidneys, colon, stomach, thyroid, brain, etc. etc.  Lung cancer by 1993 in Hawaii had increased 17,000% from Pacific nuclear bomb tests as compared to pre-manmade radiation being released into the biosphere (pre-1900) in Hawaii. 

So now to answer your questions - you as a nursing mother cannot eat anything out of the Pacific, and should eat no fish or seaweed at all because there is a very good chance it is contaminated and will be passed on to your child.  DO NOT FLY OVER THE PACIFIC OR US UNLESS YOU HAVE TO.  Avoid any food from Canada - it is far more contaminated than most of the US, but there is also high levels of contamination in US food as well.  Do not travel or vacation in the Pacific region, it is all highly contaminated now.  You should be eating root vegetables (below the surface of the soil there is much less rad.  You can also make baby food from root vegetables by boiling them until they are soft, cool it, then blend in a food processor and freeze in ice trays.  Bag and store in the freezer.  At least you KNOW what is in your babies food.  I bought a special baby sized plastic food grinder that fits in a purse, and carried that everywhere with me for about 2 years after my daughter was born.  You and everyone you love should be on a Japanese macrobiotic diet - brown rice (southern hemisphere food products when you can find them - WHOLE FOODS is the best place to find them, and Trader Joe's has a lot of southern hemisphere food), miso (buy American or southern hemisphere source if you can - but for sure no Asian miso at all because of contamination) because miso is a fermented food and extremely nutritious, Japanese pickle (find recipes on the internet or buy "TSUKEMONO: Japanese Pickling Recipes" by Ikuko HISAMATSU), and Umeybashi which is a salty plum paste with an herb in it (you can buy it in a Japanese store).  Those 4 food components have been used in rad exposed populations in Japan like the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and now Fukushima survivors.  Japanese who followed this diet in Fukushima Prefecture survived the exposure without getting sick, but those who did not and were eating a Western diet all got cancer and other illnesses, and many have died.

I am attaching a list of my articles and interviews on YouTube updating the Fukushima situation.  You can read and/or watch those and learn much more about Fukushima. (elsewhere on site -ed)

Good luck and stay in touch - by the way, Talisman Sabre exercises at Shoalwater (onshore from Great Barrier Reef) clued me into the US now sharing all bases in Australia - and all of our nasty weapons including nukes have been transfered to our "shared" bases in AU - without any oversight from the President or Congress because your bases are now considered to be our bases, so no oversight.


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