The Old, New, Endless War

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TITLE PLATE- The Old, New, Endless War

“See my thumb?” is the beginning of a very nasty setup, that ends with the person being set-up, smashed in the face . . . What? . . . I know it sounds hard to believe yet Joseph Mengele is famous for having observed the following in the children he was torturing, “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” And that is the nature of distraction; Any Distraction. It gives the opponent authoring the distraction a control; room to maneuver, set context, define topic, lead debate . . . Away From Reality.

This War in Europe; This Global Upheaval; This Transition to Fuzzy, Generalized War; “THE WAR ON ‘TERROR’”, has been studied for Centuries. It has been carefully; scientifically defined. The definition was tested: WWI, Realigned: WWII. Refined: Vietnam. Enhanced; Desert Storm. While this was going on the World was kept distracted with the, “Theatre of the Oil Conflict,” “Israeli Conflict,” “War on Drugs,” and a vast number of other Hegelian’s: ‘Conflicts,” planned in advance, by power-brokers to provide a public narrative to move a population. This is how these rich psychotics lead peoples astray.

Fuzzy War is now being fully deployed in a Worldwide Rollout entitled, “The War on Terror.” The magnitude of this deception makes it, “The Biggest Lie.” There is no other political dynamic more dangerous to you right now in your personal existence than the lie known as, “The War on Terror.” It is part of a larger program that includes Radiation. Now it’s time to End This Lie. Welcome to . . .


Its Prophet of the 20th Century, Bertrand Russell lectured and wrote upon it extensively. “THE IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY” is the seminal tome where it has all been brought together. Out of this Cabal came Henry Stinson, Curtis E. LeMay and those Angels of Rational Death over at the RAND Corporation. These Animals harnessed the largest and most vibrant economy in the World to the business of Domination. With Domination comes Death; in Buckets. 

So here we are; caught between ENDLESS FUZZY WAR and the RADIATION that is its Excrement. And we are Distracted by the Theatre of Media; That Circus that purports to inform us when in fact, it caters to our vanities and baser instincts while it cloaks REALITY from us.


When you look away from the comedian’s eyes to see what’s so interesting about that thumb . . . wait for it . . . You get punched out! Put down. You become the joke. They told me that was funny in New Jersey, when I was growing up.

And so it goes: Cloak History. Disinform Populations. Promote Phony Economies. Make Victims. Harvest Same.

“George Orwell,” Eric Arthur Blair, was the disaffected member of the Cabal who turned away and wrote us the warning of what was being done:



And now we are ready to properly analyze the following article:

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Have Fun! They Hate It When You Smile. 

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Author: Ayre

Modern science hasn’t yet precipitated a term denoting a new type of war, though it (the war) already is under way.

Peaceful autumn, weekend, people walking about in quiet streets, young mothers taxi baby carriages; retired folks take their time in parks. No one pays any heed to remote thundering until it begins to thud from all around in the town. People look disturbingly around. Some try to run for their lives, but it’s too late.

A pack of jeep and minivans dash through the streets, deadly sweep of bullets and fire erupt from open windows. Mothers die with their babies, pensioners on the benches where they are. Jeeps pull to stop, out shake frenzy males obviously pumped up with booze and drugs. They may be dressed in any outfit – leather, camouflage, turbans, - whatever. It’s not important. Grenades fly into the nearest flats block windows. Armed men break into yards and disperse into doorways. Doors of some flats are simply kicked open, iron made ones unlocked by grenade launchers. Everybody in the flat is shot dead within seconds. Then the executioners proceed next door. Having worked one block of flats, which is already in flames, they proceed to the next. Then they mount their jeeps and rush ahead shedding death

Does it remind you of a post apocalyptical fantasy? However much of it is taking place in different parts of our planet now. This is a part of a new type war. Though, before this “open battle” phase, the war had already been in motion, unnoticed for most people.

Russian historian and political observer, expert of Problem Analysis and State Management Center Vardan Bagdasaryan points out three types of war, that correspond to three different historical society models: traditional, modern and contemporary post-modern society. They differ, in his opinion, by the method of damage. In wars of first type were used means of personal damage. In wars type II were used methods of mass injury and annihilation. Today emerge foremost means of informational transfer. If earlier the methods were aimed at physical damage to a person, then environmental, now they are trying to affect human consciousness. The other two aims remain as important.

Network-centric war – is a conception, directed at enhancing of battle capabilities of future military formations in modern wars and armed conflicts at the expense of informational domination, including of all warfare participants into one network. Along with the conventional warfare it incorporates campaigns of disinformation and psychological assault of the “adversary territory population”. This concept has been brought to life thanks to informational epoch and technology. Initial approaches to invention of complete network war were based on ideas of Soviet Union marshal Nikolay Ogarkov, which he presented in early eighties. Later in more detail it was developed by American Vice-Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski.

“Most probable is that in future fight for the cyberspace is going to become more and more violent. That’ll be a battle where whole integral power of a State will be tried. All innovational capability, military alert of the State, informational background of population, all will count”, - says major-general U Tzyansin, member of Chinese Engineering Academy, President of Information Technologies University of China.

Wars of today are carried on, of course, for the same reasons as have ever been since Stone Age – economical and ethnic. Though, the more important becomes not territorial invasion and capture of recourses, but suppression of the enemy’s will. As an outstanding German strategist Karl Clausewitz has put it two centuries ago: “A war is an act of violence, directed at making the enemy to carry out our will”. Today the adversary purposefully is being programmed to come to the desired decision. Instrumentation of informational-psychological wars is constituted of Karl Jung inventions – doctrine of archetypes, of collective unconscious. Having known the archetypical structure of some social group, quite possible is to program its behavior. Of handy use are issues called today as “mems”: colors, word images, signals, symbols of any kind. “Revolution of Roses”, “Wild Orange Revolution”, and “Revolution of Tulips” Notorious Ukrainian hopping and painting Kiev in “yellow-blue” colors – are the same “mems” called to produce subconscious influence.

That’s true; they do not always shoot at a modern war. Or rather they do, but not at once. At first stage a most powerful informational assault is unleashed, reinforced by global Internet facilities. Many of those who post their own, as they believe, thoughts in blogs, even do not suspect that they are already soldiers of a party at war. Many take part in a war quite deliberately. For example, numerous anti-Russian posts are produced by American bloggers, dislocated in Tallinn. Very often a primary processing of populace by means of media and Internet is a precursor of victory. After zombie brain washing like this, people can’t make out who is after what, can’t tell truth from lies. And gradually the country rolls down into chaos, political disorder and economic collapse.

Treachery of new type war is in the fact that it is not apprehended as a war. Moreover, in propaganda it is presented and accepted by people as striving to evade war, - states Vardan Bagdasaryan.

One of the Totalitarian State slogans, according to George Orwell was “Peace is War”. Now that assumingly impossible paradox is quite real. Since 70-80-ties there has never been a year, when there wasn’t a war someplace in the world. How many of them where declared? None So far as in two conflicting parties “Capitalists” and “Socialists” they reiterated “let there be no war”, the war marched already in full stride. As USSR collapsed, this practice became deliberate and acquired a methodological platform for invisible transition from informational phase of war to “hot” phase, or rather, according to philosopher Alexander Zinoviev, a “warm” one.

Speaking in terms of another philosopher, Jean Baudrillard, in a room, where there is a TV-set, sooner or later will take place a murder. A layman pumped up with incessant informational flow from remote “hot places”, having got accustomed to mass murder and brutal executions, does not observe how it all creeps into his cozy living. It looks very much like a horror film, where a monster climbs out of TV or computer monitor and begins to do its diabolical things.

The picture, sketched in the beginning, is only an artist’s view of what has been warned of for years by many military observers. Have long gone the times when in return to diplomatic notes governments declared full mobilizations, and then regular armies fared war at the battle theatres. Today every now and then armies fight against militants, rebels, terrorists, private military forces and sometimes against mere criminal rabble. Only this rabble is well equipped and acts quite professionally, though exceedingly tough. So the scenario, where megapolis is attacked from all around by thousands car-mounted armed, motivated and trained thugs, which kill half the city within several hours, is quite real. And who is going to withstand them? Mobilization was not declared; police forces called in by the citizens will be shot on the spot. As to the army, it is rather slow at the time peace. So far as reports and orders go up and down, and before at least anti-terrorist commandos show up in the streets of the massacred city, the thugs would abandon their cars, hide the guns, change their clothes, flow into the stream of the panicked survivors and quietly leave the city. Whom to fight with?..

To be supported by evidence I just remind you of Budennovsk of 1995, Nazran of 2004, Naltchik of 2005 . In all cases the scenario was the same. And do not think they were only small towns and in megapolis there can be nothing of the sort, just because it can never be. Remember “Nord-Ost”.

Another option of transition to “hot phase” of war is initially “peaceful” mass protests. Euromaidan and a most violent civil war that followed have explicitly demonstrated: a democratic process, devoid of rules and lawful procedures, being launched in the enemy territory is not a geopolitical toy. It is a weapon of mass annihilation. It is the only weapon that can be used against a state possessing nuclear shield, - states a journalist Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich.

What happened in Ukraine has happened before in Libya, in Syria, in Central Asia. In such wars take part not only those who shoot, explode, capture hostages, but those who give untimely orders, who doesn’t see suspicious cars heading cities, who goes on a sick leave when it is necessary to take decisive steps, who tips off information to terrorists, sells them weapon and ammunition. Also there are those who at first, informational phase, secretly and openly by ideological methods prepare aggression – “network warriors”. People die and states fall by those people actions. Yes, it is a treachery; this is the “fifth column”. It is present in any State and not only at the periphery of the society – it often nestles at the most top. Just recall again Ukraine, Iraq, Libya, and Yugoslavia

When bloodshed begins the war develops into “hybrid” phase. It may be characterized by allegedly non-coordinated actions of rebel groups as well as by indirect and undeclared (and sometimes declared) intervention. In addition, the war theatre is then flooded by numerous non-governmental organizations – humanitarian, medical, public, “human rights”, under cover of which finely do foreign intelligences, mercenaries, provocateurs and undisguised bandits. Besides, out of the battle actions territories squeezed are thousands of refugees. Their streams are directed to the countries which are to be undermined. Such “humanitarian disasters” produce one more damaging effect.

Reference note:

Hybrid war is a war strategy combing a conventional war, guerrilla war and cyber-war. This term also used to describe combined attacks with use of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, hand-made explosives and informational war.

Hybrid war – any combinations of actions of adversary who instantly takes coordinated use of complex combination of allowed weaponry, guerrilla war, terrorism and criminal behavior at the battlefield to achieve political goals, - says journalist Frank Hoffman.

So, you may sleep sound under the cover of “nuclear umbrella”, but all that, as shows recent years practice, does not fully guarantee sovereignty and integrity of a state. As is known, the generals always prepare not for future, but for the past wars. For today it’s not always true. For example, in the USA today, as surprising as it may be, little attention is paid to development of conventional arms and war technologies. And, as some sources convey, state of nuclear arms of the USA leave much to be desired. That might be put down to economic crisis. At the same time enormous sums from military budget are invested in development of information and digital technologies, robot devices, intelligence systems, navigation, signal and operations control, new military projects and non-lethal systems. That means that American generals have caught the trend.

Samples of New Type War.

Yugoslavia, 1991-2008

All began from nationalists’ demonstrations in different regions, then national regions had declared independence that turned into armed rebellions, which central government tried to suppress by force, but was faced by powerful ideological pressing of West, which was followed by direct NATO intervention devoid of UNO proxy. At that coalition didn’t take land operations limiting actions to air bombings which affected civil population. Yugoslavians killed each other, taking ethnic clean up. Result – state disintegration.

Lebanon, 2006

Strong side of Israel Army - presence of modern and able Land and Air Forces, - was brought down to null by Hezbollah using fortified underground shelters and modern Russian antitank guided missiles, able to destroy all known armory. All that was supplemented by successful work of Hezbollah hackers in cracking of Israel communications and mobile phones of servicemen, which fed them with fresh information of the adversary and enabled to speak to the whole world.

Libya, 2011

Muammar Kaddafi was too late to realize danger of at first disintegrated anti-government moves and power of propaganda against his regime in Internet. When international concern became strong enough by rebel efforts and their well-wishers, a silent flow of weaponry and military advisers gushed from both east and west. Mutiny subtly turned into civil war, which ended in terrible death of Jamahiriya’s Leader. At that Libyan distemper still goes on, which totally corresponds with geopolitical use of mathematical theory of “guided chaos”.

Syria, 2011-2014

Civil disorders had grown into guerrilla war, which soon gained religious colors – as a result of radical Islam mass penetration into the country. However, President Bashar Assad had learned the lessons of Libya and Egypt, and so far controls the situation. Besides, this time Russia, whose interests were directly threatened by Syrian distemper, provided government of this country substantial aid, preventing western countries’ intervention. However, as a result of the war there was born (not without USA and Saudi Arabia help) a monster ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, now simply Islamic State), which now becomes a global threat.

Ukraine, 2014

As to the lawfully elected President Victor Yanukovych, - he couldn’t have drawn adequate conclusions from the political situation in Kiev, and didn’t take necessary measures to enforce constitutional order. Nevertheless the responsibility rests on the “fifth column”, outwardly ignoring Commander-in-Chief’s orders. “Unknown sniper’s” shots in Maidan (such snipers show up everywhere, when the situation becomes heated, remember Moscow 1993) caused coup d’état. However, thanks to counteraction in Crimea and South-East, where separation referendums had taken place, the plan of dissolution of Ukraine in EU was ruined. This time Moscow had acted perfectly, having recognized the results of referendum Russia bloodlessly annexed the peninsula. As to Novorossia, the hybrid war still goes on there with active participation of Russian volunteers and most wide media propaganda from both sides. Of late, certain groups in Moscow try to disable the conflict, giving Novorossia away. But Ukraine just seems never to be reunited.

Surely, not a single serious analyst sees a Ukrainian civil war flame up by itself. Of course the pre-existing disposition for war there had been, but such explosion and exacerbation might have been avoided, had the situation not been pumped up from outside. USA and EU might be put to blame for it, and it’ll be correct, but not quite so. Both overseas and in Europe there are enough politicians who clearly understand that whole world can be dragged into Ukrainian whirlpool. Though, there are rather powerful “hawk” circles pushing the West to direct confrontation with Russia. It’s these circles who produced the idea of linking the Middle East conflict with Ukrainian by Black Sea and Caucuses countries. These circles can be called “ordering customers” of New Type Wars. They may be transnational companies, certain political circles within states, international criminal and extremist organizations. The “customer” is not directly involved: he provokes conflicting parties, feeding one of them with money, weapon, advisors, and information. At the same time real roles, place, interests and goals of the “customer” are taken out of public concern; they are hidden behind “informational garbage” in form of campaigns for human rights, against “bloody tyrannies” and the like.

Although, worth to mention is that this is not a “one way ticket”. Russian leadership, having so far not realized the danger of New Type Wars, seem to wake up and became quite capable of adequately responding to advances of shadow “customers”, as it now is in Novorossia, as it had been in Crimea. And at that, along with direct support of resisting regions, diplomatic scenarios are in wide use. And since, as it was said, not all West takes interest in conflict with Russia, diplomatic efforts of Russian Federation bring their fruit.

But even if Russia successfully blows out the Ukrainian crisis, it’ll flame up someplace else. It’s because New Type Wars last for years. They lead not to conflict and contradiction settlement, but to their deepening and prolongation. At times they subside, but just to go aflame again with greater power. Ideally, according to their inventors, they all must merge into single global war for world leadership.

Direct speech:

Professor Mary Kaldor, London School of Economics

“In New Wars violation of humanity norms and human rights are not just side effects, they are the central core. Over 90 percent of victims are civilian population, and the number of refugees and displaced persons increase annually. Battle actions acquire new forms – systematic killings of “the others” (not ours), displacement of inhabitants to places unsuitable for living. All these forms of violence are in essence genocide.

Bruce Sterling, American futurologist:

At the time of NATO war against Serbia a great chaos set in. Not amongst troops. NATO Armed Forces didn’t have losses; Serbian servicemen hid from bombs and didn’t suffer much either People, advocating most different national views fled to Belgrade, ready to be bombed. They did so because NATO bombs were not as frightful and dangerous as were marauders. Those people were not soldiers of any army. They belonged to informal formations – half-military light-armed guerrilla-bandits. Those people embody the future of armed conflicts. They begin a war, get hold of initiative, and define further developments. It’s them who performed ethnic clean up, leaving Kosovo without most of its population. Bearded, sweaty, suddenly showing up and quick at carnage, they walk from house to house, from street to street, shedding everywhere panic and chaos by means of beating, burning, exploding and purposefully planned plundering.

Igor Popov, political observer:

Potential for waging wars of New Type – are troops (Forces) and means of counteraction to new outer and inner threats and dangers for Russia, which need to get realized and considered, taking into account the international and our national experience, the experience of “color” revolutions and armed conflicts all over the world. But today already obvious is the following: the backbone of such potential may present spetsnaz – war and antiterrorist commandos, units for informational and psychological war, cyber-troops, police mobile forces, units of reconnaissance and operations control, - manned not only by military specialists, but civilians as well, - ethnic culture specialists, historians, economists, physicists, anthropologists, psychologists, amongst which there obligatory must be females.

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Author: Pavel Vinogradov

Translator: Master Butch


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Ayre’s Article:

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