The Three Secret Meetings

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"Der Wiener Kongreß unter der Leitung des Fürsten Clemens von Metternich", nach einem Gemälde von Jean Baptiste Isabey.; Lithografie, o.J. ;

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The Three Secret Meetings 

World Facts generally not included in history texts or encyclopedia here in America:

Many Americans are unaware of the significance of three very important secret meetings that were held in Europe in the 19th century:  (1) The Congress of Vienna in Austria in 1814-15; (2) the meetings at Verona, Italy in 1822; and, (3) the meetings at Chieri, Italy in 1825.

These meetings targeted America’s Constitutional Republic for destruction!

BOOKCOVER- The Secret Terrorists

Bill Hughes, author of the two books The Secret Terrorists and The Enemy Unmasked, tells us the following about these meetings: “These three meetings, the Congress of Vienna, [Austria in 1814-15,] Verona, [Italy in 1822,] and Chieri, [Italy in 1825] were held with as much secrecy as possible.  However, one man attended the first two meetings that would not be silenced.  British foreign minister George Canning contacted the U.S. government to warn them that the monarchs of Europe [with the encouragement and support of the Papacy and its Jesuits -Bill Hughs] were planning to destroy the free institutions of America.”

Author Burke McCarty in 1924 told us the following: “The Congress of Vienna…was a black conspiracy against popular governments…  The particular business of the Congress of Verona…was the ratification of Article Six of the Congress of Vienna…a promise to prevent or destroy popular government wherever found, and to re-establish monarchy where it had been set aside.”

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Author Bill Hughes also tells us: “During this Congress [of Verona, Italy in 1822], it was decided that America would be the target of Jesuit emissaries and that America was to be destroyed at all costs.  Every principle of the [U.S.] Constitution was to be dissolved and new Jesuitical principles were to be put into place in order to exalt the Papacy to dominion in America.”

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The Vatican and many European monarchs considered the American Republic (with its religious liberty; freedom of conscience and the press; and popular, representative government) to be worse than the “Bubonic Plague”.  They loved absolute monarchies and ecclesiastical monopoly (i.e., a “State Religion”).  Both the Vatican and these European monarchs feared that this “disease” of popular, representative government and religious liberty might “spread” to Europe.  Thus, they held these three secret meetings in order to make plans to “exterminate” such “heretical” ideas wherever and whenever they surfaced – and, to plan for the destruction of the American Constitutional Republic.

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European monarchs – with the support of the Papacy – made plans to destroy religious liberty and popular, representative government!  Shouldn’t such facts be in America’s history textbooks and encyclopedias?  How were they removed?

Shall Jesuits be allowed to keep such facts from us?

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TRIM- 3 Secret Meetings -Cities-


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TRIM- 3 Secret Meetings -Cities-
TRIM- 3 Secret Meetings -Cities-

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TRIM- 3 Secret Meetings -Cities-
TRIM- 3 Secret Meetings -Cities-

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