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Date: Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 9:20 AM

Subject: Pacific Coast: Update from Kevin Blanch, Intel from Rangers and Kayak Shop Owner

Kevin Blanch called me a little while ago. He is hiking the California coast from Pismo Beach to San Francisco, a journey of over 200 miles that will take him, in his estimation, about 3 weeks in total. Kevin has now entered a remote stretch that will last him for the next 75 miles. He has very little wifi, and certainly can't upload videos for the time being. But he has made some observations so far and shot lots of video. I will be making a short film of his journey when he gets back. His 3 biggest observations are 1) the pine trees are all dead 2) the dying seals are real, they are everywhere, very emaciated, and 3) the tide pools are EMPTY, just as Dana Durnford had reported around Vancouver and far north of there. There is nothing in them...no starfish, crabs, small fish, sea urchins or anenomes. Dead seabirds are all over the beaches. He has been talking to park rangers, and they are very, VERY concerned about the effect Fukushima may be having - They have never seen anything like this either. In the past 2 MONTHS they have already rescued 1,500 seals in just one small area. He talked to a kayaker today that owns a shop in the area. He said there is an epidemic of sick animals and "it's not just the baby seals...it's the mommas too". He has recorded these conversations as well.

Pacific Coast Watch, Kevin's seal

I will post updates from Kevin as they come in. This particular seal was still alive, in absolute misery. And many more just like her as far as he can see.

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