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SEPARATOR- Delgado, Mind Control

_Mind Controlled Monkeys (probably UCDavis)

"Physical Control of the Mind"

Author: Jose Delgado

SEPARATOR- Delgado, Mind Control

Part I (chap 1. only)
Mental Evolution

Chapter One:
⚫️ Natural Fate Versus Human Control: The Process of Ecological Liberation and Domination

Part II
The Brain and Mind as Functional Entities

Chapter Seven:
⚫️ Sensory Dependence of the Adult Mind

Chapter Eight:
⚫️ Working Hypothesis for the Experimental Study of the Mind

Chapter Nine:
⚫️ Historical Evolution of Physical Control of the Brain

Part III
Experimental Control of Brain Functions in Behaving Subjects

Chapter Ten:
⚫️ Physicochemical Bases of Behavioral Activity

Chapter Eleven:
⚫️ Methodology for Direct Communication with the Brain

Chapter Twelve:
⚫️ Electrical Stimulation of the Brain (ESB)

Chapter Thirteen:
⚫️ Motor Responses

Chapter Fourteen:
⚫️ Hell and Heaven Within the Brain:
The Systems for Punishment and Reward

Chapter Fifteen:
⚫️ Hallucinations, Recollections, and Illusions in Man

Chapter Sixteen:
⚫️ Inhibitory Effects in Animals and Man

Part IV
Evaluation of Electrical Control of the Brain

Chapter Seventeen:
⚫️ Brain Stimulation Triggers Physiological Mechanisms

Chapter Eighteen:
⚫️ Electrical Activation of the "Will"

Chapter Nineteen:
⚫️ Characteristics and Limitations of Brain Control

Chapter Twenty:
⚫️ Medical Applications

Chapter Twenty-One:
⚫️ Ethical Considerations  {AKA Plausible Deniability  -LB}

SEPARATOR- Delgado, Mind Control

Electrode Implanted Cat (physical mind control)

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SEPARATOR- Delgado, Mind Control

DELGADO, "Physical Control of the Mind"


SEPARATOR- Delgado, Mind Control

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