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On March 18, 2014 at 9:46 PM K__ wrote:

Can Ms. Leuren Moret recommend a geiger counter I can purchase?


Leuren Moret’s Reply:

Hello K__ -

If you want a very good geiger counter with more features (measures Bq,sieverts etc.), can download data into a computer data base for court admissible data presentation, battery lasts 10 yrs.) then I recommend the GammaScout from Germany.  They are about $500.  But you do not need that, and a simple less expensive one is also very good and accurate.  I do not know a brand to recommend, but you can google geiger counters and see what people recommend on the blogs.  Don't spend a lot of money to begin with unless you get the GammaScout.

Thanks for you message - Leuren

K__’s Response:

Dear Dr. Moret:  Thank you very much for your information.  I have 3 backyard chickens who provide eggs. Is it okay to eat these? Thank you,


Leuren Moret’s Reply:

   Hello K__ - I recommend the GammaScout from Germany.  It is about $500 and has many very good features plus a 10 yr battery.  


We use the “Online” model:


But you must have a Geiger counter with a detachable probe so that it can measure radiation levels in food and liquids.  I think the GammaScout has a probe feature if you purchase the probe separately from the meter.  You have to purchase a GammaScout with a USB port (about $65 extra).  It is very hard.

Editor’s Note: Measuring food for radiation requires rigorous control of your testing conditions, quality equipment in fine calibration, the proper probe and long-duration measurements to separate local radiation readings from fluctuations in background radiation.  -LB

⚛ ⚛ ⚛ This Is A Difficult Process ⚛ ⚛ ⚛

With that said, I would encourage you to start reading everything you can find on technique and equipment. With practice you will become adept at separating the B.S. from the honest information and comfortable with the requirements of the process to do this measurement accurately.   -Laurens

to measure low levels of contamination in food with a meter because the meter may not detect levels that are too low.  It might help you to do research on the internet and find out what people exposed to Chernobyl did.  Dr. Alexey Yablokov has spoken publicly about methods to wash and parboil root vegetables for 5 minutes and throw the water they are boiled in away before fully cooking the vegetables.  I just avoid eating certain foods that grow above ground such as lettuce etc.

   An inexpensive Geiger counter is also good to have if you can't afford the GammaScout.  There are many inexpensive small Geiger counters that you can carry with you any time.  If you look through some blogs, you can find who is using what and what complaints people have about certain brands of Geiger counters.

   In addition to a Geiger counter, I recommend VERY strongly that you get a reverse osmosis water filter for your kitchen faucet and drink and cook with that water ONLY.  In studies that we did on two nuclear power plants in Florida we discovered that the reverse osmosis filter is the best for removing most radiation from water.  It resulted in much lower levels of Strontium 90 in baby teeth.  The water tastes better too.  I just put one in my kitchen and we did it ourselves, very easy.  The filter we bought is about $200, and fits under the sink.  The filters have to be changed once a year but that's also easy to do.


   I hope this helps to answer your question.  The water filter should be your first priority to minimize more exposure.  Also avoid dairy products.

   Leuren Moret


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