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Remembering 2015: "This Is Exactly What The Supporting Powers To The Opposition Want"

By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ | 31st December, 2015

Pic 1. D.I.A. article-2272435-174DE90F000005DC-393_634x390-e1399338162545

  .             One Violation of International Law Too Many - underestimating Russia has cost Washington dearly.

It was the most important document of 2015. From the very moment the 2012 report from the Defense Intelligence Agency was declassified, to the current moment, the Mainstream Media has avoided it like the plague. This is not surprising, as the report puts the West in a position that is comparable to being caught in the cookie jar.  Knowing a car accident is about to happen and doing nothing to stop it is one thing, but creating the car crash in the first place has, in this instance, resulted in the genocide of not only Shia Muslims, but Orthodox Christians too.

The plan to balkanize Syria and Iraq, using Libya as a Takfiri breeding farm was working... until the Russian Bear said enough is enough.  Fast forward 4 years since the war began, and now we have S-400 in Syria. It is safe to say that the CIA's plan has gone wrong, very wrong. As a result of Turkey's faux pas, the Saudi scheme of smuggling Sarin Gas into Syria via Turkey is very much old news, with the Turkish courts being forced to indicte those who were involved. 

America's question will be - where did it all go wrong? Well it's simple really. Russia recovered from the CIA hit job that was the Yeltsin years, and found itself in a position to enter the Middle East mess with a stable base.  Allen Dulles would not have thought for one minute that one man, Vladimir Putin, in the future would not only clean Russia's economy up, but turn it into a formidable asset in the geopolitical arena . We have seen the UNSC flex its muscles, we have seen masterclasses in diplomacy, we have even seen Israel behave itself around the Golan Heights, although at the time of writing, Hezbollah has not yet revenged the death of Qintar. The whole aura of the international arena has changed from an unnerving red to a soothing blue.

Pic 2. putin-2

China is the latest party to remind others that putting ones beak where it is not wanted is not a wise thing to do, especially in an environment where diplomacy is the new norm. In fact, the BRICS movement is gaining some serious momentum as it travels towards the new Silk Road. India, Pakistan and even France are now insisting that a change in Syria's presidency, at the command of Uncle Sam, is not desirable.  

Russia & China in the East, Iran in the Middle East - all that is missing from Full Spectral Diplomacy is a European giant, but sadly Frau Merkel is a NATO lapdog. So as a result, the only leader who seems capable of pivoting their respective nation East is Marine Le Pen (Corbyn's party is very broken). Once Europe says no more to Washington, and NATO as a result, the illegal invasion of another nation will become a mere Zionist pipe-dream. Until then, peripheral conflicts such as Yemen and Nigeria will rage on to earn Lockheed and Raytheon as much cash as possible before the Eurasian curtain draws on the era of proxy war.

DIA-page-001 - 2012 report from the Defence Intelligence Agency
DIA-page-002 - 2012 report from the Defence Intelligence Agency
DIA-page-003 - 2012 report from the Defence Intelligence Agency
DIA-page-004 - 2012 report from the Defence Intelligence Agency
DIA-page-005 - 2012 report from the Defence Intelligence Agency
DIA-page-006 - 2012 report from the Defence Intelligence Agency
DIA-page-007 - 2012 report from the Defence Intelligence Agency

⚫️ Analysis ⚫️ DIA ⚫️ Geopolitics ⚫️ ISIS ⚫️ Russia ⚫️ Syria ⚫️ 🔫 ⚫️ 💣 ⚫️ 💸 ⚫️ 💰 🔥




⚫️ Analysis ⚫️ DIA ⚫️ Geopolitics ⚫️ ISIS ⚫️ Russia ⚫️ Syria ⚫️ 🔫 ⚫️ 💣 ⚫️ 💸 ⚫️ 💰 🔥

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⚫️ Analysis ⚫️ DIA ⚫️ Geopolitics ⚫️ ISIS ⚫️ Russia ⚫️ Syria ⚫️ 🔫 ⚫️ 💣 ⚫️ 💸 ⚫️ 💰 🔥

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