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ISIS And Saudi's - Profiteers Of Syria's Slave Trade

Pic 1. yazidi-women bundled for Market (slave)

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ | 28th December, 2015 | Lifenews

35-year-old Rustam Tovsultanov, almost a year after being in Daesh, in an exclusive interview with LifeNews, said that, in addition to illegal oil exports, the militants are actively engaged in the slave trade. According to him, the victims of this "business" are mostly women and children kidnapped by terrorists.

"There is a slave trade. These are people captured in battle, and are Muslims. Mostly women and children," said Rustam. "It happens that if women do not stand up and commit suicide, their children remain, and are sold. Mostly children are bought for yourself or as servants. I heard a three-year-old girl was sold for fifteen hundred dollars. Their mother hung herself, two girls of six years and three years. They sell them even when they are very little."

According to the returnees, in Syria they are all aware of what is happening. This is the main source of income. The price depends on the age and external data.

"WhatsApp is used to send photo, papers or transmit names. They are treated like a commodity. I heard that children are kept in a house, and live in the homes of those who bought them. Most women sold are Kurdish and Yazidi," continues Rustam.  "When they attacked the city of Kabani, where they took many slaves, I heard they kept them in a house in Raqqa about 150 women with children and without, young and old. They were bought mainly by Saudis and fighters of Daesh. They have money, 'they buy well'. If a woman is beautiful — $10 thousand dollars, if an old and ugly — $100. Such are the prices."

Rustam Tovsultanov was on the territory seized by Daesh for eleven months. He decided to escape, fearing for his family, his pregnant wife and three children. Twice his attempts to escape failed. Only on the third time did he manage to return to Russia. He immediately appealed to law enforcement bodies, who are now awaiting the court's decision.

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